App Structure

It is very important to understand that a majority of users will only have 1 group. This section is designed to help understand what is capable with our application.


Visual representation of the app structure

Organizations can have multiple groups under them while the users, courses, and data within a group remain separate & private. 

Stanford Athletic Department

Stanford would be the organization while the groups would be each sports team. The football team would have their own group in which the football athletes and coaches would only have access to that specific group. 
Courses, Users, Messages etc. are not shared between groups


Organizations, Groups, and Users

Use Cases & Business Models

Incorporate with in person training

Understand how Users, Groups & Organizations flow within CoachIQ

Run a premium content online store

Learn more about the mobile-first course builder & best practices

Offer 1 on 1 film analysis

Text eleMultipurpose assistance for online stores and offline retail businesses.ment

Utilize the admin features to increase training organization & overall sales

Our full payment solution is coming soon.